trigonometry worksheets

In the previous post we have discussed about Parametric Equations and In today’s session we are going to discuss about trigonometry worksheets. A branch of mathematic which treated with the angles and sides of triangle is called as trigonometry. Now we will see the trigonometry worksheets. It means how to solve trigonometry equations. In mathematic, there are different methods to solve the trigonometric equations. Now we will see the quadratic equation of trigonometry.

Suppose we have trigonometric quadratic equations 2 sin2 p + sin p – 1 = 0, p Ñ” [0, 2Π], Now see how to solve the given trigonometric quadratic equation.

= 2 sin2 p + sin p – 1 = 0, we can write it as:

= (2 sin p – 1) (sin p + 1) = 0, its because of its factor. Now separate both the values. Now it can be written as:

= 2 sin p – 1 = 0 or 2 sin p + 1 = 0, so we get two values of sin p that is:

sin p = ½ and sin p = -1.

The value of p = Π / 6 or 5Π / 6, and in other case p = 3Π / 2. So we get the value of p is 300, 1500, and 2700. This is how we can solve the trigonometric equations. Now we will discuss about the Trigonometric Identities. There are so many identities in the trigonometric which are mention below: (know more about trigonometry worksheets, here)

First we will talk about the sum – difference formula:

Sin (S + T) = sin S cos T + cos S sin T;

Cos (S + T) = cos S cos T + sin S sin T;

Tan (S + T) = (Tan S + Tan T) / (1 + tan S tan T)


These are the sum – difference formulas.

Now discuss even – odd identities of trigonometric function:

Sin (-t) = – sin t;

Cos (-t) = cos t;

Tan (-t) = – tan t;

Cosec (-t) = – cosec t;

Sec (-t) = sec t;

Cot (-t) = – cot t;

These are even – odd identities. Let’s talk about the Types of Chemical Reactions. There are different types of chemical. To get more information about the chemical reaction then follow on line tutorial of iit jee syllabus.





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